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  • Guitar Bending Heater
  • Guitar Bending Heater
Guitar Bending HeaterGuitar Bending HeaterGuitar Bending Heater

Guitar Bending Heater

  • Voltage: 110V/230V
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Size: customized
  • Temperature: 0~150℃
  • Product description:

Guitar Bending Heater

The guitar bending heaters can be used a couple of ways to bend sides to shape. One way is to use a side bending blanket with a bending jig. Merely sandwich the unbent side, along with the heating blanket, between the two metal slats. The heaters can be used either under or on top of the side – find which way is best for you. Turn on (heat) the heaters for a few minutes and bend the side in the machine in the normal way. Some builders continue to heat – at below maximum heat – the side for a while after the side is clamped into shape, and then let it cool down slowly before removing it from the mold. The guitar bending heaters can also be used with a simple inside mold. Place the heaters on the side mold and heat it for 5 minutes or so. Place the moistened side on the heated blanket and clamp the waist area down as it becomes pliable with the heat. After the waist is clamped into place in the waist of the mold push the sides down slowly around the upper and lower bouts. As the side bends around the mold's shape clamp it down with any clamps available until the entire side is shaped around the mold.

Heater Specification

Heater Size Voltage Application Fittings
5 3/4"x12'' 110V/220V Guitar cutaway bending heating

(1)If you have temperature controller,

we just provide thermistor connection

to connect yourself controller as pic (a)

(2)You not have controller can use our

digital controller as pic (b)

5 3/4"x37''
Guitar bending heating
2''x26'' 110V/220V
Mandolin side bending heating
5''x24'' 110V/220V
Ukulele side bending heating

If you have any other size, we can also customized for you!!!


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