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Heating Strip

  • Silicone Heating Strip
  • Silicone Heating Strip
  • Silicone Heating Strip
Silicone Heating StripSilicone Heating StripSilicone Heating Strip

Silicone Heating Strip

  • Voltage: 110V/230V
  • Length: customized
  • Width: 15mm/25mm
  • Temperature: 0~180℃
  • Product description:

Silicone Heating Strip

Silicone heating strip is a particularly soft heating strip. It consists of nickel-chromiun alloy wire and insulating material. It has advantage of high power density, fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency and long life. In addition to heating for general constant power zones. It can be also used where needs to be heated. Silicone heating strip has good waterproof. It can be used for wet, non-explosive gas places. It can be wound on the heated parts directly. It is easy to install, safe and reliable. It can be applied in cold areas, the main function of pipes and solar energy is for the hot water pipe insulation, snowing melting and so on.


Width: 15mm/25mm
Length: customized length
Power: 80w/m
Application: PPR tube/PVC tube/Metal tube
Notice: Price not including power cable and temperature controller,  if want these should contact with us when order!!!


Installation Notice:

(1) The silicone heating strip should close to the heating object surface, like pipe,tank and etc. And then  use aluminum thermal tape fix it.

(2) It can install insulation material on the outside to avoid heat loss.

(3) It's dangerous that overlapping installation.


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