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Pizza Bag Heater

  • Pizza Bag Heating
  • Pizza Bag Heating
  • Pizza Bag Heating
Pizza Bag HeatingPizza Bag HeatingPizza Bag Heating

Pizza Bag Heating

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Thickness: 6.5mm
  • Size: customized
  • Temperature: 60℃
  • Product description:

Pizza Delivery Bag heater

Heat Pad is the perfect thermal bag heating solution to keep your home delivered pizzas super hot and fresh for longer. Designed to suit First Pack's pizza delivery and food bags.

Heat Pad is constructed from high quality industrial standard silicone rubber insulating material with internal nichrome heating. Specially designed to pre-heat your delivery bags up to 60 degrees C in just a few minutes.

Start Using Heat pad

(1) Place heat pad in the special velcro pocket area in the base of pizza delivery or hot food delivery bags.

(2) Heat pad should always remain in the special velcro pocket inside bags.

(3) Ensure the printed surface of heat pad is facing the inside of the delivery bag so the heat will circulate within the bag.

(4) Thread heat pad's power lead through to the cable port at the back of the bag so it sits outside.

(5) Plug into electric power to pre-heat delivery bags prior to delivering and placing hot pizzas inside.

(6) Place hot pizzas or hot food into preheated thermal bags then unplug heat pad and deliver.


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