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Medical heating

  • Enail Coil Heater
  • Enail Coil Heater
  • Enail Coil Heater
Enail Coil HeaterEnail Coil HeaterEnail Coil Heater

Enail Coil Heater

  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power: 5W to 2500W
  • Max temperature: 700℃
  • Thermocouple:Type J or K
  • Product description:

Enail Coil Heater

Product Paramenters

Sheath material
High quality 304SS or 316L
Inside magnesium oxide insulation material
99.99% high purity magnesium
Heating element
High durance and high temperature NiCr2080 heating elements from Germany
Max working temperature
High voltage with standing test
Less than 0.5mA leak under 1000V for 30 seconds
Cross sections optional
1.8mm, 2.2x1.3mm, 2mm, 2.2mm
The range of the length of heated length
Length of unheated zone
40mm standard
TC optional
type J, K, E and T
TC Tolerance
Dimensions of cold zone adaptor
3x30mm (Double ends small adaptor)
8x30mm (Single end Standard adaptor)
Leakage current
When rated voltage is used, leakage current should not exceed 0.5mA

Design Features
Coil heaters are made of nickel chrome resistance wire placed inside chrome nickel steel tube filled with MgO powder and compacted for faster and efficient heat transfer. The heaters are annealed to acquire malleability for bending into any shape. Hot runner heaters with built in thermocouple are also available.


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